How Does a Horse Travel Within an Aircraft?

While Alex Nichols Agency is known for importing and exporting horses by air travel, we get a lot of questions from our clients regarding what accommodations a horse receives while onboard an aircraft. We understand how much you care for your horses, and we take pride in providing the best accommodations for your horse, whether imported or exported. The following is a typical setup for horses while onboard an aircraft.

What is used to keep the horse in place?

Alex Nichols Agency utilizes the most modern equipment available.  Which is the fully enclosed “JETSTALL”  Horses are loaded into  the jetstall at the airport inspection facility with plenty of experienced help to be sure horses are secured safely. The jetstall is then taken to the aircraft.

When a horse is imported or exported by air travel, the accommodations for the horse are very comfortable. The air stall itself is well ventilated and provides adequate room for the horse. Some aircraft can transport multiple horses. Full height partitions can be used to create individual stalls for each horse. The typical stall can accommodate up to three horses comfortably. The partitions are used to create the space needed for each horse.  

How are the horses maintained during the flight?

All our flights include the use of professional flying grooms that are hand picked and recognize as the best in the business.  Our flying grooms have a minimum of 10 years of flying experience.

Vibration damping mats are used for the floor of the air stall. The mats are used to keep your horse comfortable during the flight. Aircraft have many vibration points, and, for a horse, these vibrations may be tiresome or create a great annoyance disrupting the comfort of the flight.

The flights are climate controlled, and our grooms have direct communication with the pilots should temps need to be adjusted.  Horses need adequate airflow while aboard aircraft, just like their human companions. Ventilation is adjustable by the flying groom to provide comfort for the horse. This is especially necessary to prevent overheating and keep the horse calm.

Every step is taken to make sure your horse flies safely, stress-free, and arrives at its destination without issue. If you are looking to import or export a horse or looking for domestic flights. Contact Alex Nichols Agency. We do all the work for you and provide everything your horse needs for a safe and stress-free flight.

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