How to Prepare Your Horse for Transport by Air?

How to prepare your horse for international or domestic transport by air, like travel for humans its not really the time in the air that’s the hassle. Its everything else! Preparation is key.

Preparing your horse for transport by air can be complicated. Scheduling Veterinarian work, foreign or USDA document endorsements with rigid flight schedules and government requirements takes planning and experience to orchestrate.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of preparing your horse for air travel, from start to finish. We'll give you tips on what documents you need to have in order, and how to get your horse ready for takeoff!

The first step in preparing your horse for transport by air is the Pre-Export Isolation and Quarantine process. We provide these services with professionalism and experience. All horses under our care receive proper feed, top-quality hay, green grass, and exercise time. We love horses and it shows with the top-notch care we provide to all horses who stay with Alex Nichols Agency.

On the import side of things pre-testing a horse for the required tests is a must and not all the labs in Europe or other parts of the world run the exact type tests needed.  Our staff is up to date on all the testing requirements and lab schedules to make preparation and scheduling of you horse a breeze. 

The second step in preparing your horse for transport by air is making sure the horse is physically fit and healthy.  Horses should be checked by a veterinarian shortly before embarkation. Also you as horse owner should know what the horse has been doing up until the ship date.  

Alex Nichols Agency makes make this process easy for you. We take the lead in managing the health requirements by coordinating our veterinarians with the horse shipping schedules. We make sure that proper export testing is administered based on the horse’s destination. This service includes making sure we have proper immunizations records and health certificates. Our licensed veterinarians are qualified to issue the proper certificates based on the destination country.

Once you have decided to have your horse shipped, you need to find a company that specializes in flying horses.  You should trust your horse only to a company that is experienced. And that has an excellent safety record. You also should pay a fair price and not overpay in middleman fees. Look no further than Alex Nichols Agency. We take care of everything for you. We are over 50 years in just transporting horses by air.

Alex Nichols Agency is one of only a few TRULY licensed forwarder, and customs house broker specializing in shipping horses and other animals.  This means that our customers deal as direct as possible with airlines, and with U.S. Customs.  Nichols deals direct and not through a third party. 

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