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The Role of The Flying Groom During Horse Air Transportation

Some horses become stressed easily. A horse is taken out of its comfort zone and placed within an unfamiliar setting during air transportation. An onboard flying groom is tasked with caring for the horse while in transit. The main goal is to keep the horse calm and stress-free until arrival at the horse's destination.

Reducing a Horse's Stress During Air Transportation

During the flight, a horse may face many stressors, from changing humidity levels to vibrations within the jet stall. A flying groom's job is to ensure the stressors are limited and do not affect the horse significantly. Some critical tasks may include regulating the temperature-controlled cabin, keeping the horses well-fed, and providing clean water for hydration throughout the horses' flight. Ensuring the horse's basic needs are met will reduce increased stress.  Our staff likes to know all your horse's habits, what it likes and dislikes.  With information ahead of time we can usually avoid any problems that might come up.

Loading is usually where find out how the horse will be for the entire trip. Most horses will easily load and off-load, but some will struggle. It's a good idea to practice boarding with the horse before air flight to help the horse acclimate to the process. A slow and quiet boarding process will help the horse feel comfortable and willing to proceed to its jet stall.

Jet Stalls

Jet Stalls contain the horse within the aircraft. They are outfitted with partitions that can be adjusted to the horse's width. Making sure the horse has adequate space and ventilation is necessary for proper respiration and relaxation while in air travel. The flying groom will make sure the area is sufficient before take-off.

Care During Air Transportation

The Flying Groom will have access to the horse before and right  after take-off. During the flight, it is essential to monitor the horse's health.   Our flying grooms log each horse’s water intake and make note of anything remarkable.  Most horses know they are traveling somewhere and with most shipments being multiple horses consignments, they are especially content with other hay munching chums.

Our professional flying grooms have years of equestrian experience and know and understand horses and their behaviors. They are a crucial component of horse air travel and the primary caretaker of your horse while in air transport. The flying groom will ensure your horse gets to its destination happy and in good health.

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