Get your horses by air by the most respected by in the business.

Why Choose Alex Nichols Agency For Horse Exports?

Get your horses by air by the most respected by in the business.

Flying horses is a little like writing a song or building a watch.  It’s a craft, it’s about know-how and knowing what will work and what won’t.  It’s about having all the parts fit to make an incredibly detailed project seamless. 

 Import / export flights involve coordination of  veterinarians, truckers, warehouses, USDA port veterinarians, US Customs, airlines, professional flying grooms, import and export quarantine barns. Variables include the cost of the horse, the time requirements, the price of the transportation, and the distance involved. Balancing all these variables can be a tricky proposition, so having an experienced equine transportation company like Alex Nichols is like having a wise tutor, your craftsman, to guide you and your horse.

Domestic horse flights are also a specialty of Alex Nichols Agency. We take pride in making each trip as smooth as possible, getting all the parts right.  

What kinds of horses does Alex Nichols ship?

Over 60 years, Alex Nichols has moved all types and breeds of horses, from Mules to Afghanistan to Secretariat and Affirmed, to Mack Lobell to Big Ben.  We enjoy treating every horse with respect and each horse is guaranteed the highest standard of care available.  Each horse, each client has a part to play in our success.  When a horse owner sings our praise, that’s our jam.

Where does Alex Nichols ship horses to?

The answer here is simple: wherever they need to go. State to state? No problem! Across the US? We do that every week. Outside the US? Let our decades of experience help you solve the complex issues of importation and exportation, quarantine, passports, commercial invoices, health certificates, foreign breed registrations, letters of credit and tax-free entry horses as personal pets.  

We have moved horses to private barns and competitions, as well as breeding farms, sales, and homes. We've brought horses to and from auctions for buyers sight unseen. Backyard barn or Olympic stadium, every trip gets our very best.

Having an experienced professional to guide you through the legal process can make the difference between tedium, delay, and mountains of paperwork or a smooth, seamless experience for you and your horses.

Positive experiences

We talk a lot about how Alex Nichols has the experience to provide high-quality service, but why is that so important?

Every horse person has had the annoying experience of trying to load a horse that stubbornly or fearfully refuses. They back up, they freeze, and they rear. They can hurt themselves or the people around them in these moments, it’s in these moments that patience and experience pay off.  A lack of planning, or a hold back on manpower can snowball to bigger problems.

No horse owner or trainer chooses to teach a horse that trailering and shipping are frightening, unpleasant experiences. Nonetheless, there is a small but consistent segment of the equine population for whom travel is a challenge. Horses know who they are around, and a relaxed confident rider or handler goes a long way to the disposition of a horse.

Because horses move infrequently, each trip becomes magnified and each negative experience is compounded.  Alex Nichols has a policy not to bully or mistreat horses.  Most of all loading issues from the truck or ramp to the Jetstall are solved by having enough experienced handlers that can slowly gain a horse’s trust. Flying horses and having things go right can be two totally different tunes, getting things done on time and safely is our craft.   

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